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RYAN PARKER lyrics : "Who Am I"

(V1) Who am I? Some people have said to me "I don't know who you are anymore" it got me thinking on what I'm doing that's making them think I'm so wrong. It's been making me go crazy. I can't focus on soccer or baseball, I have got to get it together hopefully I'll talk to her...

(Chorus) Who am I? Have I really changed that much? Am I going insane?or am I just thinking to much? What's going on? I have to find out now. I'll ask everyone whos known me for years I just have to find who I am inside... so I'll always ask the question Who am I?

(V2) I am who I've always been that's what I answer when someone says who are you? I think about it for a while after they say "Well if your still you then why are you so different, it's like your not Ryan it's like you've been someone else" I think about it for a while then say "I am still me I don't see anything wrong with me"


(Bridge) I sat around and thought about it. I guess I've really changed I think it's just something about the way I live. I've drifted away from Jesus and now I'm on a path that's not one I should be on so it's time for my faith.


(Ending Chorus) So Who am I? To say what I say, to live my own way, like I'm the perfect one? I think I should pray for the first time in a week it'll come together. He will help me through life, when I have break-ups and tragedies. He'll always be there when you think he won't but never worry just pray to him.

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