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RYAN CABRERA : Take It All Away lyrics

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RYAN CABRERA lyrics : "Take It All Away"

So much beauty in life
Shining on the outside
Empty on the inside

I get lost sometimes
Blinded by the flashing lights
Distractions always in my eyes

So i'm following the sound, the sound of my heart

You can take it all away

I don't need it
Underneath, i'll still be the same
You can take it all away

I don't need it, it's not me
You can take it all, take it all away
I'll still be the same

Are you hiding still?
Don't you want to love yourself?

Don't you know that someone will?
Time can turn it around
Leave it all and strip it down

That's the only way to find it out

Are you following the sound, the sound of your heart?



Coming in with nothing, leaving with the same
It's all inside

Coming in with nothing, the only thing that saves
Is here inside


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