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Rx Bandits : Up To No Good lyrics

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Rx Bandits lyrics : "Up To No Good"

back against the wall
all those hunger pains
starving never hurt so much

a little taste of your flesh
a touch i used to know
oh darling don't you know i can't refrain

oh you took it all
all my heart and all my soul

i bled for many nights
so many days
and i feel like you're up to no good

i've been tired and feeling blue
you don't know what you've lost till it's already gone
and i feel like it's doing nobody good

mirror of our reflections
infinite illusions

i was down today
i was feeling so low

when i heard i'd been dreaming

you were walking down the road

where we used to go

oh darling don't you know i feel afraid

you took it all
you stole my heart and soul

and when i bled
it came out red
my heart and soul now

up and down it feels alright
if you say we're done i'll take what's mine

here in our reflection
like infinite illusions of fortune and fame
here in our reflection

like infinite illusions of pleasure and pain

you've got nothing to prove

so just keep in natural

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