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RUURD WOLTRING lyrics : "Retrospect"

All my thoughts, like snow they drop
I'm bound in stasis, downing life's cup
Life, so clear within my dreams

My dreams - my home and silver screen

Youth - The spring of life

Constrained, yet full of love
Dreams are born, yet needing force

Mirroring the starry skies
By sylvan choirs, at home was I
My world made me fit for strife

Beauty was the core of life

Refrain 1:

Love of my life - the bond of two
How wonderful to live anew
All my dreams were in my reach

Finally, I'd cross the breach

The treasure chest of pristine art

Tearing chains, freeing my heart
Sounds of sweetness moving me
Expressing what our words can't reach

A chance to shine, I was granted
A chance to live my dreams concrete

A chance to free my mind, enchanted
The rock of fear I did defeat

Refrain 1

Two worlds collided

The path collapsed
Flooded by tears
Last kiss, sealed golden years

I yearn for them
As I lay here

Before my mind to Sandman drops
Sterile angels wake me up

Patiently, I see through them
Reminding me of now and then
Divided by chance, by bitter pain

Dwelling in dreams, chasing the race


My heart, I sense it pour, excel
My blood, as sweet as life itself

Free and healed, I glide outside
Euphoric waves restore my mind
My pack, embracing me tonight

Finally, at peace am I

Refrain 2:

Love of my life - the force of six
Immortality's kiss - the prize of risk
All my dreams came free at last

Designing our universe - free and vast

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