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Runrig : This Day lyrics

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Runrig lyrics : "This Day"

They'll be gathering together
Sharing hearts and hand as first rays fall
All our connected lives

Arriving down by the mission wall
And sometimes it's not easy
To take a step outside and face the day

'Cause part of you for ever
In this place will always stay

Take away the pages
Keep them locked up in your memory
We all open morning doors

Go walking out with destiny
All around. Familiar faces
Voices ringing out warm and near

They take us to the moment
And the dance that leads us

You'll be frozen in your moment
You'll be beautiful for all of time
Waiting on the wonder road

Where saints and angels walk the line
And somebody much, much older
You'll look back and chance to dream aloud

Was there a moment greater
Than one to make someone proud

Bless this day
I say, I pray
We'll take this day

For always

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