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Runrig : Going Home lyrics

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Runrig lyrics : "Going Home"

In the distance day was dawning
Comes to me the early morning

Something tells me that I'm going home

The brand new sun shines bright

From the darkness fields of light
Something tells me that I'm going home

Going home
Where the summers coming in
And the moonlight on the river

Shows me where I've been

Soft the rain gently falling

Lightly 'cross the city morning
I get the feeling that I'm going home

Across the moorland, past the mountains
O'er the rivers beside the new stream
Something tells me that I'm going home



As the trains rolling nearer

Ah, the feeling just to be there,
Something tells me that im going home

Now the skylines reach my eyes
The ridge stands out in highland skies
I just can't believe I'm going home

Going home

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