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Royal Billy Joe lyrics : "Campfire Girls"

You better go join the campfire girls
Take a few piano lessons

Buy a little doll to have
For your best friend
Do all the things that little girls do

'cause if you don't know how to be true
You better go start over again

You said i was your only boy
But you sure lead me wrong
I found out you just

Played me for a fool

Now don't you know it's wrong to lie

And make the one who loves you cry
I wonder where you missed
The golden rule

[repeat chorus]

I thought you knew like everyone
That love's a sacred thing
And not a game to play

With every boy

But you thought it was funny

When you put me down for him
To you, my heart was
Just another toy

[repeat chorus 2x to fade]

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa