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Rosmal Gamez lyrics : "Strong"

I always thought I was strong,
that I had a shining armor,
able to withstand any piercing


But it seems that just a rotten tree,

I am strong on the outside, but a weakling inside.
Ever since that day,
I saw your goodbye,

flying bye.
I been feeling powerless,
not even able to withstand this gravity.

I try to find a place to hide;
from this dark cloud that keeps following me everywhere,

raining, making my life cold,
trying to chain me to that miserable place.

How can i run away?
If i am now handicap.
How can i forget this pain?

If i still love you.
How can i forget you?
If there is pictures of you hanged in the walls of my brain.

I always thought I was strong,
but it seems i am just another,........

broken hearted.

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Thanks to auritagirl