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ROMEO : Pullin' Up lyrics

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ROMEO lyrics : "Pullin' Up"

(feat. Bobby Valentino)

[Romeo: talking]

(Im G-U-T-T-A)
Its about that time man
You know

Its time to give these dudes a reality check
You ain't ready you don't know whats real
Told em they can't shine like me

You ain't be pulling up like me home boy
Listen to this
You either wit us or wit us

G's Up

[Hook: Bobby Valentino]
When I'm pulling up
The girls they stop and stare

And Haters hate on me
When I'm pulling up
I see wrist hanging out the window waiting patiently

When I'm pulling up
In something foreign something foreign next to me
When I'm pulling up

My music's bumping tey keep coming down the streets
When I'm pulling up

[Verse 1: Romeo]
Oooh what it be like
Me, I don't need like I'm a star

Dog I'm to bright
Earlobe of karrots
Bank rolls of cabage

I'm God's Gift
Dog I'm not your avaerage
Grill shining, chick just smiling

But if you have two then chick get violent
Back to the whips
Let me show you what I'm riding

A prince on your hands
They follow me like I'm simon


[Verse 2: Romeo]

I'm a solider, I'm all of that
Posted up on the block
Where then hustlers at

Blend in with the saints
I'mma quaterback
Somethin ain't right I call the hood back

G's Up, pops just relax I'm about to bring it back
The son of a hustler and thats a fact
Black tint, black whip, black chick, black kicks

Low song dog I'm a black prince
Back to the chick man they come from all places
Body like beyonce eyes like asians

Tall model chicks with to the prettiest faces
I see some cuties with some bootys
Even caucasians

Pullin up and all the haters haten
Like a earthquake how I keep the ground shaken
Run with Bobby V history in the making

If Gutta music ain't on the chain f**k the necklace


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