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ROMEO : Letter lyrics

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ROMEO lyrics : "Letter"

Now We All Had Ups And Downs
Had Frowns And Smiles
Understand That The World

Go Round And Round
If You Ever Feelin Down
Then Go Take A Walk

If You Ever Need To Talk
I'll Be At The Pole
I Understand You Have [?] Of Sunny

Days The Dark Wont Go Away And Everything Will Be Okay
Look,Its Kinda Hard Being From The N.O Having Nowhere To Sleep, Having Nowhere To Go..3 Kids On The Low,Thats A No-No. No Food,No [?]Man Thats A No-No.Where Do We Go From Here? You Had 21 Years Of Happiness But Now Nothin But Tears
Had A Rap Career I Mean Even Played Ball And All The Lil Girls Used To Chase You At The Mall

Oh Yeah I Forgot About That,Just Keep Your Head Up Dawg You Never Look Back Life's Like Playin Ball
If You Not Confident Then You Take It To The [?]Yeah I Know She Took All..Katrina She A Diva She Treat The Whole World Kinda Like Misdemeanor.If It Make You Feel Better Just Write Another Letter

I Know What You're Going Thru I Hope You Feel Better.

Yeah,Still Young 15 Years Of Age..And Ya Friends Gone Yeah All In Their Graves But Uh Dont Trip Cuz I Can Relate,Lost Lil Fred At The Age Of 15 Saw A [?] Pass But Now We Gotta Move On I Know Its Kinda Hard But We Gotta Be Strong..Lost 10 In The Earthquake Now We Got Heartaches,Headaches

Head Not On Straight Used To Have Street Aids But Now That All Gone Away Kinda Like [?] Lifes Not Fair [?] I Know What You're Going Thru I Hope You Feel Better

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