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ROMEO : I'm Here lyrics

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ROMEO lyrics : "I'm Here"

[Romeo: Talking]
I'm here
I got you pops

Ain't no stopping me home boy
You know everybody have a time
I feel mine is now

Thats not because I say it is
But thats because I know it is
If yo plane land with one hydrolic

Then get at me man cause I'm something special
You know I'm blessed
Like all the greats Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mary

The list goes on
If you believe in them
They'll believe in you

And you know
I've been given talents that people dream of man
You best believe I'm gonna use it to then best my ability

But you know for me
Patience is the key man
Cause if you look back at any great

I don't care if its Micheal Jordan
Or Micheal Jackson
Jesus, Mary

If read all there life stories
You know that life wasn't always easy for 'em man
They had there little ups and downs

I know, I know its crazy that they came out on top huh
Listen to this
Sooner then later

Everybody will be presented witha gift... in life
The same will be done with you
and me...

I'm god's gift
I love ya'll man

and thats real
G's Up

[Guy: Singing]
Empty spaces
What are we living for

Abandoned places
I guess this god
On and on

Does anybody no what we are looking for
Another hero...

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