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ROMEO : Confident lyrics

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ROMEO lyrics : "Confident"

I told em man (best rapper alive)
Hah ha, pops just let me up

(Im feelin that Im the best since)
I told em just let me go get em
(Best rapper alive) Gs up

We got the hood president
A.K.A. Lil' Rome Richie Rich Lil' Uh
(Im feelin that Im the best since)

Im here, oh yeah
(Best rapper alive)
Its another R, O

(Im feelin that Im the best since)


Who you know get chips like me its all layback
30s on the Hummer 26s on the May-Back
Son of a hustler keep heat like my name Shaq

Yappin you gon be boxed up like that boy Jack
Im in the big cars not them lil Nascars
20 deep they wit me dog Im a superstar

Team fulla All-Stars they shine price like
Only two rings but I bet I get five mics
Young buy walk gon buy it if the price right

Catch me outside a nighttime shinnin like a light
LeBron James of the game Im the best since
Name not Will but Im some like a Fresh Prince

[Hook: x2]
Im not @@#!y Im confident, daaawg

Im not @@#!y Im confident, u cant
Shine like me, no ride like me
Im the son of a hustler is only one me

But they speakin cuz I dont wanna stand that right there

Talk all that trash but when they see they just there
Not E-40 but I goes while the whip
Number 1 on the charts they goes ridin on ya hips

Ooh, Im bad guy you, you a good guy
Gotta keep a Sidekick kinda like that bad guy
I cant play wit em dog I gotta go get em

Jewels changin colors now Im lookin like a bowl skittles
Im like a wizard hypnotize you wit my lil widow
Still Lil' Romeo, different is not little

You own a dollar man than matter fact da Mac
So hit dem lil haters now you gone like a black widow
Im the best yet flow like Jay-Z

Gotta thanks mom and pops for the night they made me
Big cribs wake up on a black beach
Like Lil' Wayne get Cash Money every week

[Hook x2]

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