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You whipped me I'm hurting
Abused me for certain
And slavery should not exist

Is this what I get a poison kiss

Without you I'm dead meat

I'm a raggedy dog dying in the street
Of a God-forsaken shanty town
Where gangs of children are hunted down

I go wild when you're in my face
I go wild when I taste your taste

I go wild and I go insane
I get sick--somebody stop this pain

You left me I'm braindead
I'm feeling nothing strapped to my bed
On life support tubes in my nose

Tubes in my arms shot full of holes

I go wild act like a goat

And I get sick, lumps in my throat
I go wild
I go wild

I go crazy, I go insane
I get sick somebody stop this pain

And the doctors says you'll be okay
And if you'd only stay away
From femme fatales and dirty (*##$es

And daylight drabs and nightime witches
And working girls and blue stockings
And dance hall babes and body poppers

And waitresses with broken noses
Checkout girls striking poses
And politicians' garish wives

With alcoholic cunts like knives

I go wild

I go wild
I go wild
I go wild

I go wild when you're in my face
And I'm entranced in a state of grace
I go wild when you treat me bad

I go wild, raving mad

I go wild for you

I go wild for you

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