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Robin Trower : Tear It Up lyrics

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Robin Trower lyrics : "Tear It Up"

I'm a man who'll cheat or lie
I'm a song who plays
I must try to hide these secrets some way

I'm the kind who draws the line
I try to pay my dues

Now it seems that I've got nothin' to lose


I'm gonna tear it up tonight (tear it up)
This is my time
I'm gonna tear it up tonight (tear it up)

Takin' what's mine
I've been keepin' score
Time I took some more

I'm gonna tear it up tonight (tear it up)
So stand aside

Took away my heart and soul
Left me black and blue
Now I think you're dead?

Dug too deep and now you've found
Somethin' much too strong

Hope you realize what you've taken on

(Chorus x3)

I'm gonna tear it up (x4)

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