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Robin Trower : Calendonia lyrics

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Robin Trower lyrics : "Calendonia"

Caledonia, Caledonia
Seeing you walk by
Make a river twist and shout

Shakes the birds right from the sky


Caledonia, who could own ya
Spirit of romance
Caledonia, Caledonia, dance

Caledonia, Caledonia
Your simple little greed

Make an inch of a loser's wings
Make a fool right out of me


Caledonia, Caledonia

You make my senses fly
Give me reason to believe
And I don't wonder why


Caledonia, Caledonia
Inside of my soul
Caledonia, Caledonia

We'll move it slow
Caledonia, Caledonia
Caledonia, Caledonia

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