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Rizzle Kicks : This Means War lyrics

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Rizzle Kicks lyrics : "This Means War"

[Verse 1: Rizzle Kicks]
Estate war
What you got an aggy face for?

We carry eggs it's not just life that we claim's raw
Taking advantage of the days without rainpour
We remain poor, so wait pause incase your face falls foul to the product of

We like to cage more
Don't be a chicken

See me I'm feasably different
To the kids on my estate who like to beef and not listen
I had a sweet disposition

But I was still weak to convincing
Ask your mum for 50p then mischievously buy eggs
And believe it will be it that they're bricking

They being the kids from the other estate
Not rivals in the sense that we hate
Just rivals in the sense to get egged in the face

It was pleasant if you were below the age of 8
Only God knows if it was the catalyst for something less blase

[Verse 2: Rizzle Kicks & Mikill Pane]
So let the games begin
Man I jumped in head first

An expert with that legwork a dead cert for that net worth
Yes sir
Yeah no matter how little respect earnt

When I'd get burnt by the olders
They'd be hoping I would get tripping
Now they're bed ridden and I bed women

Have sex with them, Cowgirl
Bed ridden, Yeah sinning
Head spinning with our live set

And guys blinded by rep
Kinda wish that I was less driven

I won't fall
I'm no fool

I won't fall
I'm no fool
This means war

This means war
This means war
This means yeah

I'm no fool
I won't fall

I'm no fool
I won't fall
This means war

This means war
This means war
This means

[Verse 3: Rizzle Kicks]
Ay yo I take no prisoners

Take note scribble this
Brain flow limitless
Safe though listen in

I was digging away on minimum wage
Thinking of ways to position my face
Like what's going on

Teachers thought my potential was wasted
Hey kids it's all about faith in what you're making
I need more than these pre written pages

And hormones make me want girls to get naked
I don't want a bad (*##$
I want a chick that will slap a guy if he calls her a bad (*##$

That's it
I don't wanna glamourize this
If you do it well I think that your standards might slip

Up for a challenge
Head fully balanced
You and who's army I reckon I'll manage

Let em all have it
Homegrown talent
So let the games begin


[Verse 4: Dabla]
Oi listen though
Yeah I don't even carry a weapon I got bars

Ain't rocking any tatoos but I got scars
Whole game's going berserk like it's not ours
Mother$#&@ers overlooking the work
I'm like Cha
Seriously can't $#&@ with the style or you'll get burnt

Go on drag me back in the battle and get learnt
I know a stack of rappers who act like a wet perm
But when the time comes for getting it live (they just weren't)
A younger generation look at the game and it's all thugged out
Their bugged out, their running their dumb mouth like

Feel free to hate on the way that this %#@!s turned out
They're burned out shame that you weren't down but BOYYY
Against all odds I blaze you bods
While you sit and reminisce about the days you was
It made you what

See the way you played yourself it's odd
So let the games begin


[Verse 5: Dabla]
Yeah boy mama didn't raise one

Been ill since phase one
Ya get I
Rizzle Kicks
Go $#&@ yourself
So let the games begin

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