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Richgirl : TONIGHT lyrics

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Richgirl lyrics : "TONIGHT"

Baby you should know what you're doing
the way you got my heart beating loud.
i just can't stop my head from moving

i can't control myself, look at me now
Feeling sweat run down on my head
Only got me.. got me so high

Feeling base like run through my legs
never want this moment to stop

i found a little of heaven.. right on the dance floor
please don't turn on all the lights
Lets start rocking

don't want you to take me home
cause i know i'll be there alone

and i would rather lay inside your arms tonight
i could travel anywhere, but i love standing in your stairs
so baby let me lay inside your arms tonight..


That beat sure know what it's doing

The way he controlling the ground
and i swear he's got me into it without saying a word
or speaking so loud

as the chills run down my spine
Who would got me.. got me turned up
Wanna freeze this moment in time

Damn, it's never enough

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