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Richgirl : Swagger Right (remix) lyrics

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Richgirl lyrics : "Swagger Right (remix)"

Rich Girls

You know
Swagger opposite of left

Money opposite of small
Being fly is a crime
Then the cops should get a call

I could Move through a room full of volters... NICE
And I still turn heads pultagice
Rock a cold chain

Neck full of Soulja ice
You young boys should listen to me like adults advice
I can help you get ya swag elevated

My look is copy written
You can tell I made it
It should be celebrated, national holiday

I'm just doing me I flash a few dollars hey
My fashion modern day
My passion probably

Thug life, Henny, with a splash of alize
I be with Rich Girls you ^!$$%s pay respect
And yawl ain't eating cause yawl probably couldn't pay the check

Swagger Right
My %#@! come correct
Them boys go hard

My %#@! stay wet

I posted up right here
Go on drop a line on me, on me
DJ playing my song

Better make a move on me, on me
Get Ya swagger right
(If you wanna push up on a girl like me)

Get Ya swagger right
(If you wanna push up on a girl like me)

I'm in it like a centerfold
So fly

Shawty walked by, tried to catch my eye
Had him on his tippy toes won't lie
Richgirl put em on a natural high

Now you wanna play it off
And act hard
It is what is it is, better play your part

See you wanna run a game, on my heart
Heres the opportunity for you to start-lyrics.html )

Got ya faded boy, don't fall
Better put ya back up against the wall
Don't be yelling in my ear boy, when you talk

Come a lil closer, or don't holla at all
Heard ya confidence was on 10
Gotta make me feel like you in it to win

Every boy wants a RICHGIRL they can get with
Listen to the song, giving you the blue print

Don't be a
Heart donor, heart donor, heart donor
Don't turn out to be a love loaner (Love loaner)

Taking her to
Dinner just to get with her
(Just to get with her)

Make me feel like you an Indian giver
Heart donor, heart donor, heart donor
Don't turn out to be a life loaner

Life loaner
Dinner just to get with her
Make me feel like you an Indian giver

I'm getting money I could never be the same
New address, but the neighbors know my name
I confess I'm addicted to your fame
It took a RICHGIRL to come and say this %#@! plain
Pockets full of tokens, is the camera lenses focused

Flier than a fallen star
I see your swagger needs coaching
Follow ya boy
No not twitter
Give that ^!$$% back his ring

Mine a whole lot glitter
Excuse me Biggier

Now down that liquor
Ring side fights
Late night skypes
Sincerely yours
I'm Mr. Swagger right

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