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RICHARD MARX : Touch Of Heaven lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Touch Of Heaven"

Your eyes burn through me,
Oh, like a raging fire.
I fall blissfully,

Everytime you say just one little word.
You know it makes me crazy.
You ask way too much,

Oh, when you say that I can look but do not touch.
I have never wanted any other girl
The way I want you, baby.

I surrender to what I can't control.
Drunk with desire, I've opened up my soul.

You know I would go around the world,
I'd take you anywhere,

Oh, baby anywhere,
For a touch of heaven.
Tell me what you want, I'll give you anything,

Oh, baby everything,
For a touch of heaven.

I have dreamed of this,
Your body next to mine,
Drowning in every kiss.

How I've longed to find my one and only girl,
And I found her in you, baby.
All I ever wanted is everything that you are.

Don't leave me longing,
Be tender with my heart.


Everyone says you've been leading me on.

Too late for warnings, I'm already gone.
Ooh, I surrender to what I can't control.
Drunk with desire,

I'm giving you my soul.


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