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RICHARD MARX : Part Of Me lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Part Of Me"

Its fallen from you and covers me
And I

I love you in ways that voice could speak

I never dreamed I'd have so much

But I'd burn it all just to warm you up

You are the water that I drink

You are the song I'll always sing
You turned my world of doubt into belief
And I will love you on your way

I will remember every day
And if you fall I'm never out of reach
Cause you're apart of me

May the wind carry you

And rise
High enough to see te truth

I will protect you when I can
Don't be afraid just give me your hand


As you go along

You won't take a step alone
And should your faith be gone
I'll believe in you

I love you more than the sea is dee
Just know (that) you can always count on me


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