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RICHARD MARX : Over My Head lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Over My Head"

Baby, I'm tryin' to make some sense
Of all we should've learned from experience
We win, we conquer and we fail

One part serious, do or die
Another part crush in junior high
I'm chasing my emotions, like a tail

I can still move my fingers
But I can't let go

The cold winter are blowing, I should be goin'
Im in over my head

Without you even blinkin' you got me thinkin'
I would be better of dead
Yeah, Im in over my head

You make me weak, I make you laugh
Driving through the rain in yellow cab

The taste of your kiss is with me even now
But this thing we got goes by different names
Never two days in a row the same

I wanna stop feelin', but Idont know how

I see my legs and they're moving

But I just cant walk away


I'll say goodbye, but talk is cheap
I count the memories in my sleep

I've had enough, but I want more

Makin' me weak, makin' me laugh

Driving through the rain in that yellow cab
Baby, you kiss with me now


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