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RICHARD MARX : One More Try lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "One More Try"

There was nothing missing,
It was just a case of foolishness
Girl, I must've been crazy

Something I would just as soon forget
I can only say I'm sorry and leave it up to you to say the

If you want to go, girl, I won't stand in your way

But I'll stand by you if you decide you want to stay
Baby, don't you see
Doesn't have to be forever or goodbye

All I'm asking for is one more try

I'm the one who hurt you, still I know the pain you're going

And even if you show forgiveness, there may be too much damage
to undo.

I hear these voices telling me not to give up on you.
My heart and soul are searching
Trying to find a way

To bring your love back to me

Still I hear these voices telling me to not give up on you.


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