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RICHARD MARX : Flame In Your Fire lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Flame In Your Fire"

I see you
Pretending that you don't hide
You try to let love slide

But inside you are seething
Acting cold
But somebody brave and bold

Is chasin' you from the fold
And that's his breath you're breathing baby

A chance made just for taking

Baby, let me hold you down

Just so I can take you higher
Make you scream without a sound
Be the flame in your fire

Yeah ooh, oh..yeah yeah yeah

I am here

And just so I made it clear
Everything you fear
Is everything you're needing baby

The truth in you needs waking


There is no escaping

This is a moment I wont let you miss
I am right behind you, and I am closer than a kiss

Baby, let me take you down
Just so I can make you higher
Made you scream without a sound

Be the flame in your fire
oh...yeah yeah yeah
oh...yeah yeah

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