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RICHARD MARX : Days In Avalon lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Days In Avalon"

I'm nearing the end
Or the beginning
Whichever one finds me

And I'm counting the tears
And the blessings
That I'll leave behind me

I could not ask for more
You were the one thing worth livin' for

I will remember days in avalon

I will remember nights in your arms
I will remember days in avalon
And I will recall every moment

Of my days in the sun

As I embrace the twilight

The memories surround me
I would have been lost
Sure as the rain comes

If you hadn't found me

Each breath I breathe is for you

I never knew how to live 'til you taught me to


I will run through the door
I'm not afraid anymore

And the light that I see is your eyes
Once again I'll be whole
I will live in your soul

Longer than the rest of our lives


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