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RICHARD MARX : Come Running lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Come Running"

I'm a prisoner in the night
Taken captive like the light
II just cant forger you

I've been frozen in my tracks
I've been broken right in half
But I couldn't help but let you

Roll, stroll,
Like a voodoo inside my soul
Strange, daze

Melted my self-control

Any old excuse at ll

All you have to do is call
Baby, don't you know that I'll coming running
Any time of night or day

Anywhere or anyway
Baby, dont you know that I'll come running

You'd thought I knew the score
That I'd seen this all before
Guess who;s got my number

You held me helpless as a child
As you slowly, you drove me wild
And I didn't stop to wonder why

Why, try
There's no explaining this spell
Tossed ,lost

You know you do it so well

Any old excuse at all

All you have to is call
Baby, dont you know I'll come running
Any time of night or day

Anywhere or anyway
Baby, don't you know I'll come running

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