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RICHARD MARX : Angelia lyrics

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RICHARD MARX lyrics : "Angelia"

Memories of you and me
Tumble inside my head
The way that we used to be

Things that we said

No one has ever made me believe so strong

You left me to wonder
How did our love go wrong

Where you running to now

Got to make you turn around

I lie awake at night
Wait for the sun to shine
I still feel you next to me

Your lips on mine

Without a warning

You made our love a lie
You said you were sorry
But you never told me why


Maybe my love is in vain
Maybe you're the hurting kind
Can't take no more of this pain

I've got to get you off my mind

Tried to be what you wanted

I gave you all I had
You left me without nothin'
Nothin' but a photograph


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