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RHEMORA lyrics : "Melancholy"

Marching through the ashes
Nothing but remnants
In this place I called home

Was this the wrath of God?
The result of creation?

Fighting back the tears
Leading my men to surely their death
The only forms of life

In this wasteland
What use to be human...

They will wander and render us gone
These shells of what man has to surely become

And they conquer
Not leaving a strand
Of the flesh or the human

That meets their demands

Men were swept away at night

Taken to unknown
Screaming into the void
Horrific, the sounds of the snapping of bones

The sky had swallowed them whole
Engulfed in the plague of his wrath

Months have gone by
Still not a shimmer of light
Not a hope for the good passing by

Drowning the day with the night
Corrupt by the tide
Of the darkness invading the path of our sight

It has burned with its hand
And swept from this land
The goodness of man

We will see to his plan
As slaves, we will witness
Watching the world as its minced in his fan

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Thanks to maria.01215