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I done my time
I took my ride
Strutted my stuff, did it my way

Hid myself from the light of day
Pushed, shoved, tripped an' fell
But dead men got no tales to tell

Everything I've come to know
Points me to my need for you
I've known the pain

I felt the shame
Voices talkin' soft an' loud
Too far down to be so proud

Some said somethin' 'bout ears to hear
Faith in truth becomin' clear
I been surprised

Opened my eyes
Sky came down in tears of rain
Sun came up a whole new way

God knows what an' when an' why
Think I wasn't born to die
Everything I've come to know

Points me to the fact of You
I don't know all that I need
But I think I finally see

Been so surprised
Here I'm alive
So, so surprised

I am alive

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa