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RESURRECTION BAND lyrics : "Defective Youth"

Don't ask about our problems
We don't know ourselves
We crave success and pleasure

Materialistic cells
Send us off to school
But make sure we don't pray

Drugs and sex and violence
Teenage passion play

We are twisted
We are rotten
No 60s answers please

We are handsome
We are modern
Got a terminal social disease

Defective you
Why won't you listen

Please don't [email protected]#^yze me
I'm gone beyond recall

Rule books, revolutions
don't mean that much at all
What's good for me is good

There's only self and void
Indifferent adolescent
Teenage android

My heart is at the North Pole
Need moral antifreeze

Church people pushing answers
You want me on my knees
You say He's the solution

You tell me you got love
I say you gotta prove it
When push comes to shove

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