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Redeemer : Steel and Misery lyrics

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Redeemer lyrics : "Steel and Misery"

I was a prisoner before these steel bars
My life was gone before this concrete box
I was dead inside, before i took his life

I had a baby boy and a wife, everything I loved died that night
If there's something or someone stronger than my pain
Can you hear me screaming? Why aren't you answering?

I've watched a man die at my hand, I am misery
I'm as dead as a screaming man could ever be
I'd give anything to hold my son again

I'd give anything for it to be me in that car instead
Helpless a broken man, slipping through the cracks
I've killed for them, i'll die for them, but I can't bring them back

I'm as dead as a screaming man could ever be.

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