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Redeemer : I Believe lyrics

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Redeemer lyrics : "I Believe"

I believe in Jesus Christ
I believe in the God that will save lives
Because he saved mine

I believe that the war we fight
It's not against man, but against these demons

I declare war right now
I fight with a thousand angels at my side
I fight with El Shaddai. Adonai, arise

Let our generation arise
Children of God arise
This is a proclamation of war

We'll make a stand and fight like we never have before
Throw off the chains
Bring forth the Reign

The world is singing
We are more, than conquerors
I believe in Jesus Christ

I believe a King that was crucified
And a Savior's rise
I believe that the war we fight,

It's ending soon
My God is coming back
El Shaddai Reign down

Army of God arise.

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