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Redeemer : Fury and Chains lyrics

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Redeemer lyrics : "Fury and Chains"

Breaking the hinges; facing the man that ruined everything
is the hardest thing i've ever faced.
But you'd be surprised by how cold a heart becomes

when you take everything it knows and loves.
of bloody hands and broken bones
misery you'd never know

of a cold heart and eyes like a loaded gun
how could you take a life and run?
I scream out "My son was five years old.

The one whose blood shows on broken glass on the side of the road."
Eye for an eye; life for a life
Now there's blood on both of our hands. The last face you'll see is mine.

You used a bottle, i'll do the same.
But the bottle's best when it hits your face.
Gasp for breath, murderer, don't even speak.

Mutter out the words, "I'm so sorry."
But you don't know my pain.
You can't feel anything.

Standing over a broken body, lifeless and bleeding.
I'm brought to my knees, hands behind my head
They read my rights as i spit on the body that i robbed of life.

Nothing to hope for. Nothing to try for. Nothing to live for. Nothing to die for.

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