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REBELUTION : Sky Is The Limit lyrics

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REBELUTION lyrics : "Sky Is The Limit"

If you're in my line, I'll go around the side, and still bring itSky is the limitSo out of my wayYou can't get me downThere's nothing like a clear peace of mindTo overcome the hardships in lifeTo sort out the wrong from the rightSomeone's in line, but they can't get me downI got my own self by my sideAnd mentally I gotta be freeI see the wickedness coming full speedBut, I hold together like the ball needs the seamI'm trying to do something not nothing,You're trying to hold me back and that's fineNothing you say or do is worth my timeGood day to you, I respectfully declineAnd now I'm coming stronger than everYou say I'm a foolI say whateverI'm in it for the good vibes togetherAnd the love lasts foreverNothing you can do to me nowNothing you can say to me nowNow it's been seven years runningBackyards and front yards and at the eight - sevenSome hit the scene with a bang and that set itWhile some they didn't really work hard to get itDream on they say dream on you're weak,But my hand's still high cuz in my mind I've achievedIV set the pace for a dream6500 all the living I needThere's nothing you can say to me nowNothing you can do to me nowNothing you can say to me nowNothing you can do to me now

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