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RAVENHEART : Locomotive lyrics

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RAVENHEART lyrics : "Locomotive"

She's got my pistons pumping, my engine thumping and her fire is fully stoked, she's a one track mind, I can't leave her behind, like a #[email protected] that needs to be stroked.

Temperature's rising

Her thighs are sighing
and my big ends about to explode
Gauges are freaking her seams are squeaking and my big gun needs to reload.

Like a locomotive
Yeah steam roller

Like a locomotive
Yeah steam roller
Like a locomotive

Yeah fits like an iron glove

She's so damn restrained but her seems are strained, there's a pressure building within, steam is rising now she's improvising and it's time for the fun to begin.

Like a vision in chrome with velvet hands that roam and will shoot you a mile high,
She's not narrow gauge which is all the rage and send you streaming through the sky

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