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RAVENBLOOD : Sin In Vain lyrics

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RAVENBLOOD lyrics : "Sin In Vain"

You, servant of the dark lord
It's now your time, before you're gone.
Don't carry on

Confess your sins, redeem your soul

How do you dare to hold my hand

While your viper tongue poisons my insides?
Screw away your lies

Do you really believe in what you say?
All your crap is taking me down
Leave me on my own!

As you please,
take it all alone,

you'll be nothing but dust
in the day after tomorrow
But all your deeds

Forge what you really are
Deep inside, you really fear
Your very shade in the book of time

What is your intent?
Where was your God, then,

In the time of my need?

Once ago, I felt a need so cold

That it tasted like steel
Like it was meant to rip
My delusions

Now, beyond your truth
I still find my reality

I don't care if it's unfair or not
What had to happen DID happen!
Beyond the choice of God!

The eyes of a young man did fade to grey
As the blood in his veins spread away

Returning to the ocean
Where all his lies.
Never startled him.

In your way to nowhere
For eternity, burn in hell!

Bring to me your ultimate lie!

Burn in hell, you liar!

Your repent swept away in the void
Burn in hell, feel the fire!
Fed by your sins!

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