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RASAQ lyrics : "They Gonna Hate Us (Rep Yo City)"

Hey when a ^!$$% contemplating and hating, on minor complications
One of the problems I'm facing, they often mistaken

What's his occupation, where's his job location
Is that not a knot in his wallet, if I'm not mistaken
While they concentrating on dollas, I'm making

I'm moving further up the line of success, and the longer they waiting
The longer they chasing, they paper in the process of making
Anticipating, but often and often they waiting

And I'm skating in a drop on some daytons, X-Box and a 'Station
Moving up the block, the boppers is chasing
Calling the kid plotting to date him, and since he got so much love

I ain't gon lie ^!$$%, hey somebody gotta hate him
Could of been you hating on me, cause you saying it could of been me
But if you turn that M on that me, ^!$$% it's saying it could of been we

It's saying it could of been we ^!$$%

[Hook x4]
They gon hate us, they gon hate us
They gon hate us, haters gon hate us

Y'all look out for that "Wipe Boyz Down"

That boy Cam bout to drop another one called
"Until the Clip Is Empty", still busting at you boys man, yeah

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