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RASAQ : Radio Tune In No.2 lyrics

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RASAQ lyrics : "Radio Tune In No.2"

You getting this, it's live in the beat
Dude it's O.G. Ron C, turn it up

Ha-ha, it's Rasaq boy yeah


When I tip down I chunk the deuce, sipping on a cup of juice
Screens hanging from the roof, realest ^!$$% in the booth
Flashy ^!$$% in the coupe, diamond display on my tooth

Leather seats up on my cheek, feeling like a butt massuse
^!$$%z rap like Dr. Seuess, talking down like they the truth
^!$$%z ain't even feeling you, they trying to get a ounce and move

Low pro's around my shoes, 4-4's around my dudes
Make the wrong move for my jewels, and my ^!$$%z'll down you fools
Boys talking plenty noise, when they come around they crew

Do my dirt all by my lonely, black on black with 22's
Who you know that break a stack, spend it all and make it back
Most ^!$$%z from around the way, sell dope and hate to rap

^!$$%z think they thugged out, cause they hair is braided back
Till I hit you lay you flat, you's a trick I say you whack
Northside my habitat, play with me I ain't having that

Boys is like them Air Force Ones, mid-top I'm staying strapped

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