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RASAQ lyrics : "Mood Swing (Cop That Disc)"

(feat. Chamillionaire)


Ghetto Status let's go, hey


If any of them was on top, he's the throne there's a new king
So watch what you doing, I'm having a mood swing
Your lip gon get stiffed, get my drift better move swing

My fist till it hit your lip, and it's blue as a mood ring
That's just for $$#uming, Chamillion can't throw the up
Or standing over you saying, that famous cool by Chris Tucker

Tough luck, I'm the definition of hustler
Gun to me and my brother, make ^!$$%z adjust the
Combination to the safe, I am the money magnet

You got some money stash it, cause we coming to grab it
You got a tight B, better put it up in a bag kid
Put me in a straight jacket, I straight jack it

Yeah that ^!$$% Chamillionaire, he got the baddest
Hoes from the left side, to the right side of the atlas
Wanna get in the palace, and see how big the pad is

Make another wish, Ms. click your heels like Alice
And if I do let you in, you won't get no cabbage
You gon see the entrance to the bedroom, and see the mattress

And after that Ms., disappear
There's a exit in the front, and a exit in the rear
Pick the closest one near, yeah

Hey ^!$$%z taking shots at Rasaq, and hope I respond

You little peons, don't make me yawn
Don't get peed on, or get my N-U-T on
The top of your lips, like a dunk coming from Keyon

You best just be gone, cause when I pop the neons
In the trunk, I'm prime-time like Deon
Get off my ding-dong, little ^!$$%z cling on

My balls and bounce back and fourth, like it's ping pong
I set the V on, twenty inch deon's
And them 21's, your honey come and sing along

Big swangas and vogues, spit game to these hoes
They addicted, like white things in they nose
The God of the gutter, I found my way out

Only to get lost and tossed, back in another
Now I'm back in the hole, like golf ballas and a putter
And I only wanna touch this green, but this white man with a stick

Keeps knocking me, away from that %#@!
Till I lay in a ditch, and they don't even come get me
They just get another me, and keep swanging a stick, damn

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