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RASAQ lyrics : "It's A Must (Posted)"

When it comes to makin' dough, who gon stop it

If money had arms and sockets, it climb in my pocket
It's Rasaq back on the block, back in the drop
Watch ya good hop back on my jock, uh uh

I'll make slugs, hop back in the gat
When it click clack, ^!$$% hop back on ya back
If ands or buts, no tricks tramps or !@#%s

Just princess cuts, from the wrist and up
I get the bucks like, it's a must
Yep, I pick up chicks, in them pick up trucks

Syke, I sit in whips, and dismiss !@#%s
N less she cute, and got a big thick butt
You better off with a one minute man

If you think for one minute, you gon get some money mam
It's Rasaq, they call me consamity sam
Put the chopper in the air, it go blamity blam

And the ladies call me, the family man
Cuz I got a sedan, the size of a family's fan
I ride like a toddler

I sit low on them big wheels, but no my car is much larger
And it make ya garage look a lot smaller
It's like tryna feed a soda machine a silver dollar

Chickens folla, will I holla
Nope, not today not tomorrow
Go to the bank, but it's not to borrow

It's to feed my wallet bread, open swallow
I'm so cold I could see my own breath
So far ahead of myself, I can see my own death

Drank wit the right, shake dice wit the left
When two wrongs don't make a right, like claudet and wyclef
Haha get it, two wrongs don't make a right

But it took too long, to make ya wife look at the ice
Goods hop around, on pogo sticks
Just to get wit the color changin' logo click

She wanna sit, in the lolo whip
And she so so thick

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