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RASAQ lyrics : "Hood Guy (Grindin')"

Ay, ay
I'm not a good guy, Imma hood guy

Get ya hair cooked fry, chook pie
Good bye, and if I rap that besides the point
Bout to take a nine and point, put a slug beside ya joint

The size of a coin, inside of ya groin
Have that boi on the ground, tryna find his loins
And boing, we bouncin' like the bunny hop

Twenties hop, ^!$$%z stay lookin' money drops
I got a mondays watch, tuesdays bracelet
And the list goes all the way to sunday, biotch

Million dolla man like ten divionte
Get head from beyonce, my bread is my fioncay
And I told her I don't got jiggas dollas

But I'm that ^!$$% holla, take this dick n swallow
Ay, no disrespect little mama
But this is my persauna, make brauds pause like I come to a comma

Make lost paws when they come to the corner
The block so hot, it's like they come to a sauna
^!$$%, ay I'm from where the ^!$$%z crawl to get out

Through the balla get out, row six six tall to get out
Go to jail, and collect call to get out
Fight they way out, till they arms will get out

^!$$%, ay ay pass me any beat
My flow is like a hood rat, I'm nasty in these streets
Glassy in these teeth, lookin' flashy on this beat

I'm graspin' on the heat, ay catch me on the creep
In the car top down, like it's showin' it's clevige
I'm married to my foreign, but noone believes it

Believe it, Rasaq on the block

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