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RASAQ lyrics : "Can't Break A Balla (The Way We Ball)"

Candy drip, on the cherry droppa
Seat reclinin, I lift the top up

He's fines, for starin' boppers
Feet shine, when I hit the block up
Hit ya daughter, have her walkin' awkward

Magik Stick, like harry potter
Speak in her ear, and I brealy got her
Roc's on the chain, like aqua water

Ya baby mama, wanna holla
Make her swallow, then take my dollas
Sorry good, can't take my dollas

Sorry good, can't break a balla
You can't be my baby mama
I can't be your baby's papa

Sayin' Imma lazy father
Don't make situations harder
Gimme brain, it'll make me smarter

Take the offer, that's my advice
Going once going twice, showed to the yellow on my right
All I need is vocal pipes, and chicken head not a hopeful wife

A ^!$$% like me, stackin' dough for life
A ^!$$% like me, in frozen ice
Air force ones on my toes is white

In a red low lac, in a red throw back
Both arms n my legs don't tatch
Du rag on my head, no hat

^!$$%, Rasaq on the block

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