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RASAQ : Boppa's All On Ma Jock lyrics

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RASAQ lyrics : "Boppa's All On Ma Jock"

Know I'm saying, we up in this piece dog
I'm fresh out the mall, white T's and all

Ha-ha, yeah it's Rasaq boy yeah
It's Royal Green boy, it's green over here mayn
Ha, let's go mayn

Boppers all on my jock, boppers all on my jock

Ever since I got these diamonds, boppers all on my jock [x2]
Money wads in my pocket, but I call it a knot [x3]
Got a roof with no top, and I call it a drop

Y'all boys ain't ready, peanut butter in my Cheve

See these ^!$$%z mugging at me, but I'm leaning on em heavy
Pulling out my celly, yellow laying on the belly
Yellow as that ^!$$% Nelly, say she waiting at the telly

Mack 11's in the slab, jamming Makaveli
If you run up man, I'll lay you on your back or belly
Then peel off, tired looking like it's black spaghetti

And you already know, a ^!$$% back to stacking feddy
I stay thoed, even then I'm about my payroll
For this paper, I'd be stiffer than some stayflow

I got a knot in my pants, so they hang low
I'm making moves, and I can't tell you cause you can't know
This a mob movement, playa I'm the boss of it

I'm a leader you a follower, that make us opposite
You the type to talk lip, but never pop a clip
Never seen a metal jacket, never shot a hollow tip

You need to take your tongue, and swallow it
Cause I see through you boy, not a lil' just a lot of bit
I'm getting money, and you bopper sick

Cause they be calling on my phone, and they be saying that the condom ripped


Ha-ha-ha, and that's some bull%#@! (*##$
You know I'm saying, ever since we been doing this Royal Green %#@! Rasaq
What's up with these hoes man, they been all on our jock man


Boppers all on my jock, rocks all in my watch
Oops down fall my top, now you seeing Rasaq

I can't lie I'm a rider, but don't nobody go liver
I'm crawling like I'm a spider, my paint is wet as saliva
Got the wood on my vinyl, my ^!$$% clicking a lighter

My car so low to the earth, but why it feel like we higher
Got my foot up in the streets, cause for real I'm a grinder
When I step up in my house, I eat my meals off of china

Boy ha-ha yeah, it's Royal Green
Riding behind tint, eyes slanted like Yao Ming
Could it be, because this filly full of green

Or could it be, because this ice up in my ring
Whatever that it is, these boppers on my team
Got a pocket full of green, and a drop on top of things

I handle B-I, so Rasaq on top of things
When I pull up in a drop, I bet I make them boppers scream boy


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