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RAS KASS lyrics : "Write Where I Left Off"

[Verse 1: Ras Kass]
Deformed pretty boy, and momma said God don't like ugly
Cool, Jehova's Witness won't bug me

Nickname Anchor Man, all I got is "news"
Pop new tags, knew I cop new shoes
Dayton set to 22's, only thing used

Is when Penelope Cruz Timex chic choose
^!$$%s thinking it's a wrap, the damage is done
Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun

Went from slave days, whips and chains
To luxury whips, flat chains that hang
Used to get lynched and hanged, now we hang on the block

Do the dew, don't cop from cops
^!$$%s ball or ball, push blow to blow
The nose knows, suckas just play the role

Roll with players, gangsters prey on the weak
Christians pray on the weekend, my flows is deep

...And I might not have more cheddar than you
(So I show off)

Show I'm still better than you
Amputate my hand (and write with my left arm)
Pen to the pen (now I'm right where I left off)

(Wear what I left on) Own what I got
I'mma stay on one plot till my plot
Amputate my hand (and write with my left arm)

Pen to the pen, now I'm right where I left off

[Verse 2: Ras Kass]

D'EPMD gon' break up
Cool, ain't no love in the fast lane
Better pump your breaks, what

Awake at my own wake, then I rose
Holding a rose, right before they put me in the hole
And even friends be foe

Easy like Princess Di to die senseless
Cause blood is the red dye that never rinses
IRS fence fences, holmes they auction off homes

J.D. pay your taxes if your goals to go gold
I'm still Soul on Ice, just put ice on the sole
Jew-els head to toe, and love getting head

Tow two groupies on tour around the globe
My name ring bells, cause I skip bail
And spit Poison like DeVo Biv Bell

And if you're not black, go figure
Pronounced dead in the E.R. for pronouncing the "-er" in the word "!@$@"


[Verse 3: Ras Kass]

Verbal Kent, heir to the throne
Con Air when I fly, dress fly when I'm FLOWN
Once flew with the flu, hail from the "L"

Tell freaky tales of females with black tail
Black male, these the sounds of blackmail
And extortion, need a pice of the pie, my Porsche and a portion

Do the math; HRSMN!
Corrupt priests who sell cannabis for $$#ets and properties
Pro clubs, rock proper tees

Proper dime piece $$# set next to me like "Hi"
I'm like "Hey what up" she like "Hey"
And like to get high, by the way

This thick lesbian bi, she wanna smoke if I buy
I don't trick, beat it (*##$, I'm like "bye"
When I spell, man, school (*##$es like Spelman

Hypnotic, I'm under a spell, man

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