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RAS KASS lyrics : "Wild Pitch"

(feat. Jah Skillz, Xzibit)

[Ras Kass]

(yea, yea YEAH)
What, you don't want it, ^!$$%s liver than Teen Summit

The Wild Pitch, America's Most drunk and blunted
Stick to fishes, black widows kick this vicious
Hot %#@! (*##$, Wild Pitch

[Jah Skillz]

I'm the, funkalistic, rapper choke an instant
Got mixed wit, Malibu rums and Mistic
I'm a whole lot on it, yea just a smidget

Just cuz I live by the beach like ?Gidget?
You must think I'm small time like that biz midget
Add three piece smart mouth like (*##$es

And you got me, Jah Killa jet ski ills
Take me to the edge like poppin pills
Straight up, no chase, hold up unless I'm bein followed

Never swallow anything unless it's from a bottle
And that's the whole truth, and nothin but the truth so help me God
By the powers invested upon my 5 Footaz squad

You ain't ready, oh cuz you dress like psychadelli
You the GMC like Chevy, I put a levy on yo cash flow
Just a little something to let yo $$# know

Who to give 2 kind to when you pass go

[Chorus: Xzibit]

You dealin wit alumni criteria
The one's that throwin Wild Pitches in ya area

Strikin you out, sending you back to the dugout
We goin up to your microphones pullin the plug out
Superior, alumni criteria, we the MCs that you make you feel inferior

Throwin Wild Pitches, $#&@in your riches and your (*##$es
Rasassination, Jah Skillz, and Xzibit

[Ras Kass]

I ejaculate on blind justice wit the jury's se quested

And escape, run in a ^!$$%'s face like Hannibal Lector
The aqua-mati, my pen is penitentiary
Potenially plain paid for protocall pacific pro perfect cap pealer

Performing skull circumsitions, when I position the prism
Permiscuis wit other people's #~!!@ ?pawn? wit the playa like Big Pun
Poisonous poet, I Master "p" like UHHHHHHH!!!

Skillz ?cotted? enabled
Herb you just and ingrown hair in the world of tweezers
We can dance before I crack MC's like Gator in jungle fever

Got them speakin in number like SoundScan
Severed the ears off your soundman, black Israelite
Like four-hundred and forty-four thousand

^!$$%s talk like dog, we'll walk like cat
I'm Ozzy Osbourne bitin the head off of rats
When they started bustin, $#&@ the Russian

We playin West Indian Roulette, ?some of mine? blind get wet
>From New Jack to Vet I can modem
Comes off like three adam's apples in the inner scrotum

My rhyme ?, clearin my sinus, (*##$ slime on your Iceberg
And let the virus cross appliance



Give birth to earth to planet, we harder than granite
And concrete, man made could never compete, complete down to the core

Weighing in tons, hotter than lava, God, Javi, Jahovah, Allah heavenly Father
Nuns to bank robbers, wealth beyond the dollar
Here to school the scholar, make new born babies

No live for no (*##$ or lady, they try to play me
We flowin like the Mississsippi to the River Euphrates
One-hundred and eighty times two, one complete rotation

Fit any situation for a small donation, live on location
Third planet from the sun
Travel 24 hours you spend a lifetime to run
Witness the slave shot he bolted to a gat and a gun
From Hitler, Musolini, to Attila the Hun

Imagine existence wit no fear, tears never shed here
One day for me could last a thousand years
The first element baby, one two....


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