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RAS KASS lyrics : "Walk The Walk"

[Ras Kass]
I walk the walk talk softly
And carry a big stick

Cause most ^!$$%z is intense of it
I used to wonder why, ^!$$%z don't give a $#&@
Now I just except it

All the experiences collected and !@#^yzed
and learned from, turn one, one and earn some
from break dancing

Now I'm glacing at a potential Manson
Make mistakes but you never no the path your life takes
Until you step one foot into the night

I got character defects that are light
Cause I don't drink soda
or smoke weed from a pipe

But I will drank a 40 ounce of OE
And smoke a pack of beadies
Won't sells crack, but I will steal a TV

Until mother$#&@ers love me, or leave me alone
Because one man's right could be another man's wrong
So let me choose the path I hype

You can't tell a mother$#&@er what to do with his life


[sample] "Speak Ya Clout"
[Lil Dap] "You can't tell a mother$#&@er what to do with his life"

[Ras Kass]
Nobody else walked a mile in my shoes

^!$$% you didn't pay my dues
It ain't about greed so money don't
confuse the issue

It's all about giving respect, to earn respect
So on whatever level ^!$$% you better come correct
Cause the straw that breaks the camel's back

is when you treat a ^!$$% like a friend
and he $#&@s you in the end
So $#&@ people pleasing cause ^!$$%z don't

appreciate your sacrifices
Ain't down for the crisis and don't want to pay the prices
But want to ride for free

Whatever they want is mine
But whatever I get is for me
I'm representing Ras Kass best interests to the fullest

Be it 12' singles or teflon bullets
Whatever's clever I'm a get my %#@! together
(Or else) I'm a die trying ok?

Got a better chance then OJ ^!$$%
It's only right
You couldn't tell a mother$#&@er what to do with his life


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