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RAS KASS lyrics : "Verses"

[Intro: Ras Kass (Scaramanga Allah)]
Yeah (yeah) yeah (Sham's nine times ultra)
Wu-Tang (herbs two times great, you heard of me)

^!$$%, L.A.D. (six times ill)
Rest in peace O.D.B. (La the Dark, Sun large)
GZA, Ras Kass, yeah (what's up, Wu-Universal)


[Scaramanga Shallah]

Now it's the real beginning of the pages of Shams
Spit that heat rock, that make fiends make vapors of grams
Sham's is the greatest fan, rock big cables of sands

Valleys and trunks, I got the mack ten
We can hit the alley with iron and thumper
Take it to the hands like the brand new Leonard

^!$$%z goin' no mas, when the bullets go in him
You dealing with a night stick toker
The ice pick poker, trust, you ain't like this joker

And the set, devoted to opening your neck
With the tech, as you sit in a Lex'
Your next move, is slipping, your last move is %#@!ting

As your body gets soft, the shotty went off
Little soldiers, you're out of position
Guns go off, Shams is a greatest fan

A rhyming gallop reporter, columns are lost
White five, black five, with dollars to toss
Twisted by the dark side of the force

Black biscuit, by park side in a Porsche
You're off sides in the fort
We are survivors of the war of good and evil

I'm in the hood, in the hood with a desert eagle
With my Brooklyn peoples, now feel it..

[La the Darkman]
Darkman, my persona's like Tony Montana
How we used to sniff !@%!e, how I puff !@!@&&

Try, play me today, I'mma kill you manana
From, far with the K, or up close with the llama
I'm like an African king in a castle in Guana

Chest dripping with jewels, one hell of a rhymer
Study lessons in Athena, building with an old timer
So I, always been wise ever since a young minor

Get CREAM by any means, follow Malcolm X theme
So I'm often posted, in a rumor with that thing
Got a limited support from the Sing Sing regime

I'm Hannibal Smith and they like the A-Team
Keep my head on the swivel, when I serve a dope fiend
Upgraded, to a digital, from a triple beam

$#&@ing with me, you better be real as you can be
La Trapacanti, a well known rhyme general

[Ras Kass]
Who say Ras Kass don't spit fire, he a liar
That's like your favorite rap star claiming he gon' retire

When you mention me, not about penitentiary
Wins and rhyme skills, both twenty second century
Ahead of my time, school ^!$$%z like Timbuktu

Cuz I'm original, like rap feeling the jewel
Galosh us by boom fool, buyers, $#&@ you
Try us, $#&@ you, you die, y'all got gats, but him buck too, ^!$$%

Sip the Grey Goose, and conned it, they know the room service
In Hotel Rwanda, reminder to honor these street scholars
Who ask why U.S. Defense is twenty percent of the tax dollar

Bush gave 6.46 billion to Halle Burton
For troops support efforts in Iraq
Meanwhile, the hood is hurting, please believe that

The rape over, Chaney talking, 25 dollars for a case of soda
Draining tax payers, eighty five thousand dollar oil filters
But won't pay they soldiers, Halle Burton workers make

Fourteen thousand dollars a month, privates earn thirteen g's a year
Please who 25 extra, taking fire in combat
Recruit all the ^!$$%z, that die from where I'm at

18 years old, talking 'Kill, where Saddam at?'
But can't have a gat, to protect where my moms at
I love to crunk, so what, plus I'm gangsta enough

To piss in pimping cans, pimp cup, rack again and pump it up
How (*##$es still get $#&@ed, ^!$$%z just want a forty and a blunt

Yo, these youngsters they grow up on the block

With the product in they socks, and the fully loaded glocks
Too many die in vein, and it's a crying shame
The murders and the hustles, won't stop as they shoot for the top
Acquiring apparel, through growth and development
On they most dangerous missions, excuses were irrelevant

The brutality of war, never changes
And the out of control desire to win, makes it dangerous
Fire engulfed the set, they feel the threat, greater than
What they ever had, experienced yet
Indictments, sparked excitement, and the thrill to kill

Suddenly they felt the need for a challenge in they field
The great boundaries of both man and machine
Can have one at the point, to murder all in between
Yellow tape scene, dead teen, the mob was his idol
Giving a grim new meaning to the neighborhood's title, what's up?

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