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RAS KASS : Uni-4-Orm lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Uni-4-Orm"

(feat. Heltah Skeltah, Canibus)


I pulverize MC's and blow up mics
From street corner cyphers to international web sites

I'll run up on you and set it for no reason
My flows are like body-blows that cause internal bleeding
Cause I'm the baddest mother$#&@er, above average

With alien deoxyribonucleic acid
A blood spore, with meatphors of all sorts
So fly I need a pass port just to walk


What the deal, baby?
I'll set it off while my people beat you upside the head
With lead from my desert eagle

$#&@ how people treat you,
Ain't got no time for your feelings
On tracks I'm revealin the facts that be concealed in

A book, cause most black ^!$$%s don't read
Got me thinking bout my sister and my new-born seed
See this world is filled with idiots (What are you, and idiot?)

Illiterate, inconsiderate, mother$#&@ers that's kickin the illest %#@!

[Ras Kass]

I'll let two-thirds of this ^!$$% that's water evaporate
Then I want Jesus Christ to evacuate

$#&@ pullin a ^!$$%'s card
I want the deck and the dealer
Global monotomy, sodomoy is my commodity

I see one (*##$-ass ^!$$%
Then my head blow like the Oddities
You emtpy T.V., I empty MC (^!$$%)

Record industry rule numers one, two, and three
Jews run it,
^!$$%s run around in it,

Believe me

[Break: (Rock), , {Ruck}, all]

(Hip-hop belongs to us soldiers over here)

{You a idiot, hip-hop's your heart over here}
So throw your mother$#&@in hands in the air


Ya'll must think I'm stupid,

But I know my %#@!
Just dollar smoke that makes me wonder like that robot (*##$
Yo, watch this

Got this locked, try for the key,
You get popped in the face like you're throwin fries up in hot greese
Rockness rips straight through toys

Got rappers jumpin through windshields like they Duke Boys
I told ya, this east-west is bullfit like a Pablo's
Philly's wherever I go until I blow trial, yo


Canibus remains undisputed, but never rooted
I'm strong enough to throw a bullet faster than a gun can shoot it
So if you try to battle me face-to-face,

I'll bring your career to a stop quicker than anti-lock brakes
Look (look) inside the mind of a animal
That'll beat you to death with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel

And while you ^!$$%s is babblin,
My lyrics is travelin
Like a javelin

To stab you in the abdomen

[Chorus: (Rock), , {Ruck}, all]

(Hip-hop belongs to us soldiers over here)

{You a idiot, hip-hop's your heart over here}
So throw your mother$#&@in hands in the air

(Hip-hop belongs to us soldiers over here)

{You stupid, hip-hop's your heart over here}
So throw your mother$#&@in hands in the air


Who want beef from vegetarian?
When we thump, your knees bump like a Kerrigan

The veteran, better than sick crews
Take your medicine, I can vic you
From the crib'll let him in
Keep your locks on
Son, I think the plot's on (With who?)

With the baby girl, yo, the (*##$ said her pop's gone (For real?)
Proceed to creep, du
There's no need to sleep, du, I'm nocturnal
Don't care about my where abouts, ^!$$%, it don't concern you

[Ras Kass]

I got ^!$$%'s heads dividin faster than nerds at a calculus convention
See I school ^!$$%s, then I after-school ^!$$%s like detention
It's a chinch to bag (*##$es now
But I remember they was dissin when I was broke, I was good for nothing
But now I'm good for nuttin down them (*##$e's throats (Uh-huh)
Like Rock say (You'll get the bobway...)

So just say when
You got anything to get off your chest besides yo chin
This ^!$$% spit like I was teething
$#&@in up more human beings than Europeans


Dutch boy, guard yo leg like I'm Barkley
Don't start me,
I'll pull Sparsky,
He'll rip apart three of you in a heart beat
In the dark we see like owls, bats, vampires
In a large tree
Ready to snipe that $$# at warp speed

Launch torpedos
MC's know what they weak flows
We float and bounce on tracks like a [email protected]#$ speed boat
So slow yo $$# down, no doubt
Don't be hasty, face me
Or you'll be jettin diesel,
Bench-pressin daisys

[Chorus x2]

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