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RAS KASS lyrics : "THE LINE"

hold the line, love isn't always on time oh oh oh
hold the line, hold the line

hold the line i take 7 mc's .. the line
hold man the line ..the line ?the line

..we'll take it ..

i ?on the frontline

180 degrees like waka doing bump lines
lunch time like starving doing ..
may with the straight right hit you with the punch line

you get young girls little miss sunshine
i'm hitting .. beauty what a sun don't shine
...something like a game but the looser get their head cut

mix between volleyball, basketball football, plus the ..23 ..
.. see like they never gone
like never .. house full of arrogant hores

plus my team better than yours
like we're the lakers and the yankees and ..
.. line for line no over time ..leave the ^!$$% sunny ..


two ..in my notebook too heavy ..hot line
? call it suicide hotline
talk around the ..i defeat the rappers like .. across like 34 ..cell phone

all ladies drop .. stop crime ..since i sign the ..line?
my life and i got .. border line like north caroline

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