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RAS KASS lyrics : "The Evil That Man Do"


Psssshh, I guess ^!$$%z don't realize a good thing til it's gone

You know what I'm sayin man?
Runnin around in these streets trickin, %#@!'s hard man
You know? But sometimes man

fools be bringin that %#@! on they god damn self

[Verse One]

Nappy headed ^!$$% stigmatism at birth
Born to a family of four and so that makes me one-fourth

of a dysfunctional home
I had a father who only stayed to see me grown
When I turned twelve he was gone

Alone, no role model
I used to watch my Granddaddy and Uncle hit the bottle
and then hit each other

Granddaddy beat Grandmother, but that's before my time
but I still see how it affected her mind
As a child I introverted, and drew pictures

While my mother prayed to Jesus reading King James scriptures
She used to take me to church so I could put money in the basket
Tell the preacher how she used to get her $$# kicked

And me, I mastered the art of hatred
After pops left ran with my ^!$$%z tryin to take %#@!
Petty theft, I got caught a few times, but bust it

Life is a (*##$ so $#&@ it
In eighty-one I remember the night
I covered myself with baby powder, so my black $$# could be light

Cause God is white, and Bo Derek is a ten
I hate my black skin, it's just a sin to be a ^!$$%
Then again, I'm like the Frenchman, cause Granny's creole

And therefore, we're black French people
So I think it's best if I go to Catholic school
And study under nuns and then I'll be a Catholic fool

Cause none of these cults want none of us up
and don't none want to see none of us live to be adults, sheeit
No wonder brothers take lives for red and blue

It's the evil that men do


But every ^!$$% on my block
can't stop, and he won't stop, and he don't stop [x4]


^!$$%, ^!$$% wake yo' punk $$# up ^!$$%!
^!$$% [smack] [smack] wake yo', wake yo' punk $$# up!! [siren]
(Where the $#&@ we at?) [helicopter]

^!$$%, one time ^!$$%
(Man I feel strange man, and I'm fin to go man)
%#@!, I'ma get you out, %#@!, (*##$es man)

($#&@ that %#@! man, ^!$$% what the $#&@ am I gonna do man?) [siren]
We go make another gold LP ^!$$% stop trippin ^!$$%
^!$$% we own a gold LP, ^!$$% stop trippin!

[Verse Two]

By the time I hit adolescence and found hair on my nuts
I grew twelve inches so now it's time to $#&@ !@#%s
Never respected women, just had to keep my dick wet

$#&@ed this virgin named Lena, I made a bet
with my homies I could hit it first, then kicked her to the curb
til next year, I got a call from my man Kurt

Since I never used jims I left a seed in the Earth
that left a ^!$$% feelin like dirt
Cause now I'm a father, and got a two-week old daughter

ironically, don't even know her name it's a damn shame
And ol girl never told me she was havin my baby
The more I thought about, she $#&@in played me

Cause the family's lookin at me like I raped her
Plus with another $#&@in mouth to feed I need paper
Did a caper, and took my Guinness Stout to the head

September 1990, drunk drivin, the light turned red
Somebody hit from the rear, I hit the brakes
Then lost control of the steering wheel
Hit a black Camaro and that's all I remember that night
I woke up to a five-oh flashlight

The car that I hit had exploded on impact
One woman escaped, but the driver was trapped, he burned to death
Manslaughter, off to C-Y-A
Liftin weights in the yard and playin spades all day
Now I'm eighteen, hit the County in the mix

"Name and last three!" Austin, oh-six-six
By now Grandpa went crazy and my Uncle had died
And me I'm at the ranch makin pruno in Wayside
In ninety-three, I got probation
Searchin for an occupation, cause now I'm pickin restitution, confusion

I'm lookin at myself and seein every other ^!$$% I knew
It's the evil that men do


[Chorus: to fade]

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