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RAS KASS : Soul On Ice lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Soul On Ice"

"Soul" [echo]

"Soul on ice"

[Verse 1:]
I was told two wrongs don't make a right
But three rights make a left

Act your age not your color
But I'd rather act darker
Mark a page with mazes of labyrinth

$#&@ up a rhyme so bad
I leave the microphone abstinent
To MC or not to MC?

Beyond B.E.T. and MTV exists me
Cause God created man and man created hip hop

I declined to participate until I was orientated
I heard 50,000 drivebys
And 49,999 was lies

No surprise, as the sun rises
Thine eyes have seen the light
But we stalk the night

I expose like an overbite
In limbo I lamp
Rape the lady kill the tramp

The wrong action for the motive
So now
Give me 50,000 black angry role models

Take me to DC I'll throw the first $#&@in' bottle
Cause I don't give a $#&@ about a menial existence
And I don't give a $#&@ about nonviolent resistance

Civil right will not suffice
In the name of Jesus Christ they got my Soul On Ice


[Verse 2:]

Walkin' on skulls cause I'm two steps ahead
So I started at square three
Now I'm Cubed like O'Shea Jackson be

Subzero catching fatalities to my spirituality
Smoke like a chimney, drink like a Kennedy
Still no remedy

$#&@ shooting a fair one
Cause open cuts from $#&@in' some ^!$$% up
Can lead to contracting HIV positivity

You never know who got traits of femininity
What agwan, #[email protected] wool blood clot
And deal with the bull%#@! bodybot business [email protected]$)got

You play the villain
There will be another soundbwoy killin'
Benadryl pumps through my adrenaline

Feelin' my raps weight
I track Heavy like Tony Dofat
Hip hop is 2% milk but mostly no fat (phat)

And most MCs ain't prepared
So what I say goes over your head like pubic hair
In 1999 (flip the script)

Triple six
One world government "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
Check your dead president

Represented on the one dollar bill
And if Clinton was the answer it was a stupid question
My Soul's On Ice


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